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SA-SO barricades are used to alert drivers of roadway changes, construction zones, and to designate roadway hazards. SA-SO barricades are designed with the driver's safety in mind but serve to protect construction workers as well. They visibly mark construction areas for drivers and help to keep them aware. SA-SO barricades channel traffic in an orderly fashion and help to effectively normalize traffic flow.

A-Frame Barricades a frame barricades
- NCHRP-350 approved
- Large and rugged, yet easy to set up, transport and store
- Plastic I-beam construction ensures extra rigidity and protects reflective sheeting
- Built-in space for barricade light
- Highly visible reflective sheeting on both sides is available 
in both Engineer Grade and High-Intensity Grade

- Barricade components are sold separately
- A-Frame designed for one or two I-beam panels
- Order two plastic A-Frames per barricade

*A-Frames sold separately, order (2) for each barricade


Description Part No.
6' Barricade I-Beam Panel / Engineer Grade 47773C
6' Barricade I-Beam Panel / High-Intensity Grade 47774
8' Barricade I-Beam Panel / Engineer Grade 47777
8' Barricade I-Beam Panel / High-Intensity Grade 47778
A-Frame* 47772C


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Econocade™ Type-I and Type-II Barricadestype I econocade barricade and type II econocade barricade  
- All plastic, economical barricade, that is strong and stackable
- Meets MUTCD Standards
- Solid wall design; legs and boards are molded in one piece
- Easy to handle, pack, and transport
- Weight: 13.2 lbs.
- Dimensions: 24.4"W x 42.6"H
- Choose your reflectivity: Engineer Grade or High-Intensity Grade


Description Part No.
Type-I Engineer Grade 47950T
Type-II Engineer Grade 47951T
Type-II High-Intensity Grade 47953T

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D-Cell Barricade Lightd cell barricade light
- Meets all MUTCD requirements
- Photocell for automatic on/off based on lighting conditions in the area.
- Lens has 360-degree rotation for full site coverage
- LED powered by four D-Cell batteries (not included)
- Three-way slide switch for flashing, steady burn, or off


Description Part No.
D-Cell Barricade Light 7850000


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Temporary Barrier Fencetemp barrier fence
- Rugged and long-lasting
- Lightweight – easy to carry and set up
- Stays flexible from -30°F to 180°F
- Durable, high-density polyethylene fence won’t rot or corrode
- Size of mesh opening: 1¾" x 2¾"
- Size of roll: 4' x 100'

Description Part No.
Temporary Barrier Fence 33134T


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Barricade Striping Tapebarricade striping tape
- Bring your barricades up to code with Super Engineer Grade (SEG) reflectivity
- Red and White is MUTCD-recommended to designate the end of the roadway
- Peel and stick for easy application


Description Roll Size Stripes Part No.
Red and White 8" x 150' 4" Left Stripe 43258

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Industrial Grade Barricade Tapesindustrial barricade tapes
- Highly visible barrier tapes
- Durable and effective
- Use indoors & outdoors
- 3" x 1,000' per roll

Description Part No.
Caution 43360
Caution Construction Area 43361
Caution Hazardous Material 74564
Caution No Parking 74565
Danger (Black on Red Tape) 74562
Cone Clips - Pack of 25 47915

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Temporary Cable Guardtemporary cable guard

- Protects cable from vehicle traffic
- Perfect for new construction pre-wiring or new installations
- Available in easy to use 5-foot sections
- Accommodates cords and cable up to .625 inches
- Easily anchored with concrete screws if needed
- Can be produced in any length through special order


Description Part No.
Temporary Cable Guard TCG5