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Construction Zone Signs

SA-SO construction zone signs make construction zones safer for workers and motorists. Our construction zone signs are reflective .080 aluminum, and they’re made in the USA! SA-SO retro-reflective sheeting on signs increases visibility at night by reflecting light back towards the vehicle. SA-SO construction zone signs are specifically designed to alert pedestrians and motorists! Give drivers advanced notice of changing traffic patterns and help to improve safety and reduce accidents.


workers ahead sign
Part No. 09914CG
MUTCD W21-1 
road work ahead
Part No. 09862CG
MUTCD W20-1 
road closed ahead
Part No. 06367CG

workman ahead sign
Part No. 06379CG
MUTCD W21-1a

 left detour ahead
Part No. 06265C
30" x 24"
 overhead power lines
Part No. 04283
48" x 24"
30" x 24"

Construction Zone Signs

- .080 aluminum- Rounded corners
- Mounting holes
- Specify size by adding letter suffix to item number

Part numbers with the letter suffix "G", denote 30" x 30" signs (unless otherwise noted) with a reflective surface. For a different size, refer to the chart for the proper letter designation.

Suffix Size & Finish
G 30" x 30"
K 36" x 36"
L 48" x 38"

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Arrow Signs
- Single arrows are reversible
- Reflective .080 aluminum

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Warning Signs
- Let drivers know what's ahead
- MUTCD Compliant
- Reflective .080 aluminum

right arrow white
Part No. 06204
20" x 8"

both ways sign
Part No. 06275
48" x 24"

right arrow yellow
Part No. 06276
MUTCD 16-5p
48" x 24"
right arrow brown
Part No. 09336
15" x 8"
left arrow blue
Part No. 09336
15" x 8"

right arrow green
Part No. 09336
15" x 8"

Description Part No.
Arrow Signs See Below
road goes right
Part No. 09368
12" x 18"
18" x 24"