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Braille Signs

Does your facility have a waiting room, gift shop, fitness center, or snack area? ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) law requires you to post Braille signs and SA-SO can provide you with any Braille signs you may need.

Braille Signs - Radius Corner ADA Plaques
- Meets all ADA guidelines and mounting regulations for ADA compliance

- Grade 2 Braille
- Includes double-sided tape for easy mounting
- 6” x 9”

Molded Background and Letter Colors
Letter/Graphic Color: White on Black, and White on Blue

braille letter colors 


Description Part No.
Braille Signs See Below


braille restroom sign braille mens sign braille womens sign braille boys sign braille girls sign
Part No. APRES69 Part No. APMEN69 Part No. APWOM69 Part No. APBOY69 Part No. APGRL69
braille handicap accessible braille mens accessible braille womens accessible braille mens womens braille family accessible
Part No. APACC69 Part No. APMENA69 Part No. APWOMA69 Part No. APRESA69 Part No. APFAM69
braille no smoking sign braille stairs sign braille in case of fire braille exit sign
Part No. APNOS69 Part No. APSTR69 Part No. APINC69 Part No. APEXT69

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