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Floor Graphics

SA-SO is proud to offer many types of floor graphics. Our line of Concrete Graphics decals are conformable, anti-skid decals designed for indoor or outdoor use. The unique composition of our Concrete Graphics allows them to conform to rough surfaces such as asphalt or concrete, making it look like the graphic has been painted on. Concrete Graphics decals can be custom printed and cut per your specifications. They install easily in minutes with the peel-and-stick application method. Concrete Graphics decals are an ideal sign product for way-finding, event promotion, facility safety, advertising, and putting your message right where people are looking.

Safety Message Treads
- Safety messages and colors reinforce their function

- Meet OSHA & ADA federal regulations & Military Spec 17951C
- Abrasive surfaces provide traction, even in wet conditions
- Durable, highly visible, black and yellow anti-slip tape
- Size: 24" x 6"


Description Part No.
Watch Your Step 43540
Caution 43541


caution floor stickers

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Concrete Graphics® Floor Graphics

Concrete Graphics are a conformable, anti-skid decal designed for indoor and outdoor use. This unique characteristic of Concrete Graphics allows it to conform to grooves and take the shape of any surface, making it look like it’s been painted on. 

Concrete Graphics can be custom printed and cut per your specifications. The product is easily installed by using a peel-and-stick application. 

Concrete Graphics is an ideal sign product for way-finding, event promotion, facility safety, advertising, and getting your message in front of pedestrians. 

Concrete Graphics are: 

  • Digitally printed to meet your customization needs … and fast! 
  • Anti-skid, meeting international anti-slip safety standards
  • Durable, withstanding pedestrian traffic
  • Perfect for use on most concrete, asphalt, brick, and tile surfaces 
  • Easy to install – no special equipment needed
  • Conformable, making surfaces look painted
  • Available in custom prints or blank rolls for UV printing

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free Concrete Graphics sample kit today! 

Other Products 

Wall-It Graphics™: Lo-Tac wall decals are UV printed inks and can be custom cut to shape. Wall-it Graphics can be easily removed or re-positioned without damaging the surface to which it is adhered. Wall-It Graphics can be applied to most smooth surfaced interior walls, painted cinder blocks, glass windows, plastics, metals, and finished wood.

Flexi-Floor Graphics™: Interior vinyl floor graphics are produced with an over-laminate that is slip resistant and protects the print from everyday maintenance. Flexi-Floor Graphics can be applied to waxed and non-waxed commercial PVC tile, certain ceramic tile, sealed concrete, and commercial carpet.

Concrete Graphics Glow: Designed for sudden-loss-of-light applications, Concrete Graphics Glow has all of the same conforming characteristics as our standard Concrete Graphics with one unique difference. The material illuminates in dark areas. This product is great for interior corridors and enclosed rooms that go completely dark when the lights go out. Please note: Concrete Graphics Glow is promotional grade, and is not designed for photo-luminescent fire exit applications.

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