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LockOut Tags

SA-SO lockout safety kits and lockout tags are designed to identify dangerous machinery and hazardous power sources that have been shut off or taken out of service. OSHA compliance requires that hazardous or high-voltage power sources be "isolated" and "rendered inoperative" prior to being serviced or repaired. SA-SO lockout kits and lockout tags are perfectly suited for the job.

Lockout Kits
- Ideal everyday-use kit contains basic lockout and tagout supplies

- Rugged polyethylene carrying case
- Size: 12" L x 7" W x 5" H

3 - Steel Lockout Hasps, 1½"
3 - Padlocks
14 - Padlock Identifier Stickers
10 - Lockout Tags with Ties
3 - Single-Pole Breaker Lockouts
2 - Multi-Pole Breaker Lockouts
1 - Plug Lockout
1 - Lockout Safety Training Booklet
1 - Kit Case


Description Part No.
Lockout Safety Kit LKX10SS


lockout safety kit

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