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Trash & Recycling

Keep your facility and grounds clear of pet waste with SA-SO Signs & Safety's effective Dogipot Pet Station. 


Dogipot Pet Station
- Keep public areas sanitary

- 15.5" x 9.4" x 3.25" aluminum bag dispenser
- Locking front access panel
- 12" x 18" pet sign notifying owners to clean up after their pets
- 10-gallon steel trash receptacle with lid
- 2 rolls (200 ea.) of biodegradable, brown litter bags
- 50 heavy-duty, drawstring trash liner bags
- 8' telescoping galvanized steel post for direct-bury
- Clearly printed written instructions
- Mounting hardware included


Description Part No.
Complete Pet Station 34984T
Waste Disposal Bags (2,000 bags) 34986T


dog pet station

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