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Safety Flares

SA-SO red safety flares help you warn motorists of accidents in the roadway. SA-SO safety flares are DOT-compliant and approved as a warning device for commercial vehicles. In the event of an accident you can help ensure that approaching motorists recognize the hazardous situation and drive more cautiously. SA-SO helps you increase driver awareness.

Red Safety Flares
- Approved warning device for commercial vehicles
- DOT-compliant
- Work in rain or snow
- Provide 20-30 minutes of light
- Great way to prevent accidents
- Self-contained friction-cap igniter included
- Sold in case of 36
- Ship ground or motor-freight only


Description Part No.
20 minute, No Spike 47396
30 minute, No Spike 47237
20 minute, with Spike 47397
30 minute, with Spike 47235
20 minute, with Wire Stand 47398
30 minute, with Wire Stand 47399


red safety flares 

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