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Vehicle Identification

SA-SO vehicle and equipment emblems can be easily seen for vehicle identification purposes. Eliminate potential problems with city and utility vehicles stopped at work areas by clearly showing what department they belong to. Vehicles with these clear and identifiable emblems are easy to recognize at a distance and help to advertise departmental presence at a job site or in a neighborhood.

Vehicle and Equipment Emblems
- Your choice of wording, color, shape, and size
- Only sold in pairs (2 emblems)

PLEASE NOTE: All SA-SO vehicle and equipment emblems more than 11 ½" high have letters 2" high.
If your regulations require a different letter height, please specify when ordering.

Choose the shape and size you want (shown below), then order by part number. Specify desired wording.
*Specify type color by adding letter suffix to item number: Red (RW), Blue (BW), Black (LW), Green (GW). Choose from color chart.

vehicle emblem color chart


Shape Size Part No.
Squared Oval 11 1/2" x 8"
16" x 11 1/2"

10" diameter
14" diameter
18" diameter



Shape #1: Squared Oval         Shape #2: Circle

Specify your
wording in
these three

vehicle emblems squared oval
Part No. 23715 - 11 ½" x 8" 
Part No. 23716 - 16" x 11 ½"

Specify your
wording in
these three

vehicle emblems circle
Part No. 23717 - 10" Diameter
Part No. 23718 - 14" Diameter
Part No. 23719 - 18" Diameter

vehicle equipment emblems 1


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