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Parking Lot Stencils

SA-SO helps make your parking lot safer. SA-SO parking lot stencils (line stencils, flexible stencils, and letter & number stencils) can help ensure that motorists drive safely while on your property. SA-SO helps you increase driver awareness of hazards, obstacles, or special parking conditions. Parking lot stencils keep drivers informed with clear instructions.


Flexible Stencilsflexible parking lot stenci
- Flexible Stencils
- Easy to use. Paint with brush, roller, or spray
- Sturdy enough to stay flat without curling at the corners,
yet flexible enough to conform to contours
- Paint won’t stick to the .125 PolyTough™ plastic

Description Part No.
Small Handicap Stencil, 27" x 30" 42350
Handicap Symbol, 42" x 47", 48" x 60" overall 42351


 Letter & Number Stencilsletter and number stencils
- Clearly mark intersections or parking lots to increase safety
- Easy to align, use, clean, and store
- Use with marking or traffic paint
- Flexible .125 plastic
- Stroke width is 3 ¾"
- Specify any letter or number


Description Part No.
3" Letter & Number Kit 42373
12" Letters or Numbers 42361T
24" Letters or Numbers 42286T
36" Letters or Numbers 42287T
72" Letters or Numbers 42288T


 Parking Lot & Curb Stencilsparking lot and curb stenci
- Easy to handle
- Flexible .125 plastic
- 4"-high letters
- Larger sizes available if needed

Description Part No.
NO PARKING 26" L 42283
FIRELANE 23" L 42284
RESERVED 23" L 42285
HANDICAP 22" L 42291

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