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Sign Posts

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SA-SO helps you easily mount any sign with: Square Sign Posts, Tubular Sign Posts, and U-Channel Sign Posts. SA-SO sign posts are made from steel with galvanized finish and made to last. (U-Channel sign posts are also available in green). We have all the nuts, bolts, and sign-post mounting hardware to get the job done right! Sign post lengths are available up to 12'. 

Square Sign Postssquare posts
- Mount signs on all sides
- MUTCD-compliant
- Easily installed by one person
- Install in concrete, soil, gravel, or asphalt
- Galvanized .14-gauge steel
- 10’ & 12’ posts ship motor freight 


Description Part No.
8' x 1 ¾" Square Post 03287
10' x 1 ¾" Square Post 03289
12' x 1 ¾" Square Post 03212

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Steel Tubular Sign Postssteel tubular posts
- Lighter than other posts

- MUTCD-compliant
- Ideal for all types of signs
- Galvanized finish
- Standard 2 ⅜" OD
- .065" wall thickness
- Available in four lengths
- 10’ & 12’ posts ship motor freight


Description Part No.
6' Tubular Post 03097
8' Tubular Post 03098
10' Tubular Post 03095
12' Tubular Post 03099

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U-Channel Sign Postsu-channel sign posts
- Meet ASTM A499

- Pre-drilled and punched on 1" centers entire length for easy sign mounting
- Standard weight: 2 pounds per foot
- 10’ & 12’ posts ship motor freight


Description Part No.
6' Post 03083
6' Post Galvanized 03084
8' Post Green 03085
8' Post Galvanized 03086
10' Post Green 03112
10' Post Galvanized 03116
12' Post Green 03113


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Sign Saver Attachment
sign saver- Install between sign and post to eliminate bending at the bolt area
- Order two per sign


Description Part No.
Sign Saver Attachment 03137

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Breakaway Square Post Systembreakaway square post
- Mount signs on all sides
- One-person installation
- Install in concrete, soil, gravel or asphalt
- Rustproof galvanized steel
- Most posts ship motor freight, call for quote

What will you need for the Breakaway Square Post System?
1. Post (3 lengths available)
2. Base
3. Sleeve
4. Corner Bolt & Square Jam Nut


Description Part No.
8' x 1 ¾" Square Post 03287
10' x 1 ¾" Square Post 03289
12' x 1 ¾" Square Post 03212
3' x 2" Base 03295B
18" x 2 ¼" Sleeve 03296
Corner Bolt and Square Jam Nut (10 Pack) 03290


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How to Install a Breakaway Square Posthow to install breakaway sq

1. Take the sleeve (Part No. 03296) and place over the base post (Part No. 03295) until both posts are flush at the top. Use a corner bolt and square jam nut (Part No. 03290) to snuggly secure the base and sleeve together.
2. Drive the base/sleeve section into the ground using a sledgehammer or driver. The base should go into the ground first. Mount the base/sleeve section into the ground until roughly 2” of the sleeve is exposed above the ground.
3. Take your chosen length of square post (Part No. 03287 is 8', 03289 is 10' or 03212 is 12’) and place into exposed 2” sleeve in ground. Secure with corner bolt and square jam nut (Part No. 03290).

The SA-SO Breakaway Square Post System is the most economical way to go when
choosing between posts. Our breakaway system is easy to install and affordable.




How to Splice a Breakaway Square Post
breakaway square post splic- Splices are great to use when a post is hit but undamaged portions of the post are salvageable.
- Insert the splice (Part No. 03294) halfway into one of the salvaged square post portions. Fasten the splice to the post with two drive rivets (or one corner bolt).
- Then, slip the second salvaged square post portion over the free end of the splice. Fasten the same way as above.
- The result is a repaired square post that will easily fit back into the Breakaway Square Post sleeve.
- Splices can only be used if repairing section is above bumper height.

Save money by saving a post. Splices are the way to go when portions of a post are still usable. Repair and reuse with a SA-SO splice!


Description Part No.
Splice 1' x 1 1/2" 03294