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Increasing Safety at Pedestrian Crossings


By Melyssa Prince, ABC, Marketing Director for SA-SO Signs & Safety

Every fall as students return to school, so do crossing guards who help them get there safely. The crossing guard is an important part of the education system helping young children, teenagers, and even college students cross public roadways. 

The standard stop/slow or stop/stop paddle is made of .080” aluminum and weighs between three and five pounds, depending on the size (18” or 24”). And after several hours of managing pedestrians in all types of weather conditions and climates, the paddle can feel much heavier than 10 pounds. 

The Ultra-Light Traffic Control Paddle, manufactured by SA-SO signs & safety, is a convenient alternative to the aluminum paddle. Made from lightweight, yet rigid honeycomb board, the paddle serves the same purpose but also limits physical strain on crossing guards, reduces risk of personal injury, and increases safety at pedestrian crossings and dangerous intersections. 

Physical Strain

The honeycomb three-ply board is noted for its outstanding structural efficiency and strength-to-weight ratio, making it more versatile and lighter weight than aluminum. The Ultra-Light Traffic Control Paddle is four times lighter than standard .080” aluminum paddles. Weighing less than a pound, this product limits the physical strain on crossing guards who are required to hold paddles over prolonged periods to assist in pedestrian crossings. Less strain results in less injuries and time taken off from this important duty. 

Personal Injury

In the event of an accident where a person (or property) is hit with an aluminum paddle, personal injury can be significant. With a paddle made of honeycomb board, accidental injury is almost non-existent because of its lightweight properties. The paddle is safer because of the broader edges, which differs vastly from aluminum’s sharp edges. However, the honeycomb board does not significantly bend, deform, or warp due to its impact resistance. 

Increased Safety

The versatile paddle can be used by many applications including schools, churches, construction zones, and emergency organizations. Schools and churches that employ crossing guards to help pedestrians cross busy intersections can use the stop/stop paddle on a weekly basis. Companies that are managing a construction zone site benefit from the stop/slow paddle, and emergency personnel can use either paddle to direct traffic in the event of an accident. The paddle’s reflective properties increase attention, and the bold, UV print clearly communicates safety messages to drivers and pedestrians. 

SA-SO’s Ultra-Light Traffic Control Paddle features an easy-grip, non-slip handle. It is UV-printed, resulting in longer product life. The basic paddle features attention-getting reflective borders, and can be upgraded to a fully-reflective model. For all-day users who need a staff to hold up the paddle, the handle fits snuggly into a two-inch PVC pipe. 

The Ultra-Light Traffic Control Paddle is an American-made product designed, manufactured, and distributed from SA-SO’s headquarters in Texas. The paddle can be customized for specific school districts and organizations. Contact or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.