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Summertime Fun in the Sun: Prioritizing Safety on the Road

Road Safety Signs and Cones

Summer has arrived, bringing with it warmer weather and long-awaited vacation plans.

This busy season of recreation attracts as many motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians as it does drivers, creating far greater potential for traffic accidents. Safety takes on even greater importance, especially at busy intersections or in areas undergoing maintenance and/or construction.

Avoiding Chaos at the Crossroads

Although everyone shares the responsibility to keep themselves and others on the road safe, distracted driving (and distracted walking) is a reality. In order to offset our penchant for multi-tasking on the go, a variety of products are available to promote driver alertness and pedestrian visibility.

  • Bollards guide traffic and shield pedestrians. If you are not familiar with bollards, they are short steel posts (with the option of brightly colored covers) that are installed on sidewalks, driveways, and pathways and in front of buildings to form a visual barrier. They can even be manufactured and installed to withstand significant vehicle impacts.
  • Blinking road signs enhance stop sign visibility at new and problem intersections, providing an extra impetus for motorists to be cautious of pedestrians in the walkway. The blinking light is solar powered so that the signs are completely self-contained, low maintenance and easily installed in any location.

Dangerous Curves Ahead

Temporary traffic control products are key to warn locals and tourists alike about abnormalities in the road, as well as any changes due to construction or maintenance projects.

  • Channelizers direct and control traffic. Channelizers are made of colorful plastic, flexible and designed to repeatedly withstand 55mph hits. They provide for smooth traffic flow onto a bypass or detour, or into a narrower traveled way. They are also used to separate vehicular traffic from work sites, pavement drop-offs, pedestrian or shared-use paths, or opposing directions of vehicular traffic.
  • Construction zone signs provide drivers advance notice of changing traffic patterns, improving safety and reducing the likelihood of accidents. They are reflective for easy visibility at night, when road irregularities would otherwise be difficult to discern. Often, the signs warn motorists to slow down because of the presence of workmen near the roadway.

Safety is our top priority at SA-SO. To learn more about the tools we have available to keep pedestrians and motorists safe this summer, check out our digital catalog of products designed specifically to keep people safe, or give us a call at (972) 641-4911.