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Show your Patriotic Pride on Independence Day: Flying the Stars & Stripes

Fly the U.S.A. Flag Proudly!

July 4th, the day we celebrate our nation’s independence, is fast approaching. Independence Day was first declared a federal holiday in 1941, although the tradition of celebration actually goes back to 1777, when Congress observed the first anniversary of America’s independence with a fireworks show over Philadelphia.

Firework celebrations continue through the present day of course, along with barbecues, parades, and flying the nation’s flag. Indeed, displaying the U.S. flag is a fundamental, powerful way to show patriotic pride on Independence Day. And as a visible and important symbol of our country, the flag of the United States should be displayed with respect.

In fact, the correct way to handle and display “Old Glory” is formalized in Title 4, United States Code Chapter 1, Sections 1-10. The United States Flag Code is based on a set of advisory rules developed by a group of organizations headed by the American Legion in 1923. The rules became law during World War II. Some highlights are:

  • When should flags should be displayed? The short answer is all days — but especially on select holidays such as Independence Day. See the full list here.
  • Where should flags should be displayed? On or near the main administration building of public institutions every day; in or near every schoolhouse on school days; and in or near every polling place on election days. For indoor use, such as in auditoriums or lobbies, flags can be appropriately displayed using presentation sets. SA-SO presentation sets, for example, include a heavy base, oak pole, golden eagle finial, yellow tassels and cord.
  • The flag should be hoisted briskly, but lowered with ceremony.
  • During periods of mourning, the flag should be flown at half-staff. For those flags fixed in a certain position on their poles, add a black ribbon to the top of the pole.

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