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Managing the Masses with Crowd Control Products

Managing the Masses with Crowd Control Products

The holiday season brings more vehicle traffic, busier retail establishments, and additional foot traffic – oftentimes from people who are unfamiliar with the area. As a business owner, you welcome the additional business.

Members of the travel and tourism industry also find benefit in the new visitors and revenue to their cities, towns, and counties. And these visitors experience a new venue or enjoy visiting the locales of family and friends. It a sure win-win for everyone involved.

As a traffic and safety company, it is our job to anticipate – and help you prevent – safety dangers. This seasonal increase in vehicle and pedestrian traffic can create safety risks, and without the proper precautions, you could suffer losses to your business and reputation. Better to be safe than sorry by proactively installing crowd control and traffic calming devices to areas where you anticipate larger crowds.

  • Stanchions: Managing the masses can be easier with the QueueWay®. This sturdy, visually-appealing stanchion creates boundaries for safe gathering areas. Retail businesses, theaters, and convention centers find this resource helpful. The device has a built-in braking system and a locking belt to avoid accidental release and personal injuries.
  • Chains and S-Hooks: Cordon off areas the old fashioned way with cost-effective plastic chains and hooks. These products can be used to organize people and vehicles alike. Coordinate chains and hooks with guide posts to create a visually-appealing crowd controlled system.
  • Cones and Toppers: Don't forget the tried and true safety cones. Brightly colored orange and lime green cones can get the attention of crowd gatherers helping them identify where they can safely travel. Add a Tensacone® topper, which is designed to fit over most standard traffic cones, and easily make an effective barrier.
  • Crowd Barriers: This season is also a time for special events, concerts, and other forms of live entertainment. If you need a little more aggressive crowd control barrier, consider using galvanized interlocking crowd barriers. They can be quickly set-up (no assembly needed) inside or outside for efficient line management.

The goal should always be to stay safe while having fun. That's our business, and we'd love to be a part of your success. Do you need help choosing the right product for your application? Give SA-SO signs & safety a call at 972-641-4911 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'd be happy to help you. You can also request a hard copy of our Facility and Grounds brochure for easy ordering. Anything you need, just say-so (SA-SO)!