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Work Site Safety

Work Site Safety

Heavy equipment operators have a heavy responsibility that reaches far beyond the material transported. Unfortunately, every year there are fatalities due to back overs, falling materials, blind spots, and out of commission equipment that has not been properly locked out and tagged out.

There are many things that can be done to increase safety when using heavy equipment on or about construction areas including use of: 
  • alarmed vehicles when backing up 
  • proper signage (OSHA signs, Slow Moving Vehicle signs, Conspicuity Tape)
  • lockout and tag out damage machinery 
  • wear highly visible personal protection equipment
  • cordon off potentially dangerous areas with brightly colored safety cones 
  • avoiding distractions such as using cell phone or electronic devices.
If an injury does occur, it’s important to have a first aid kit readily available. 
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) identified many types of trucks as causing the most backer fatalities from 2005-2010. 
Vehicle Type Fatalities
Dump Truck 67
Semi/Tractor Trailer 40
Truck 30
Forklift 21
Garbage Truck 20
Pick-up Truck 16
Whether you’re working on a construction site or just happen to be nearby, be sure to stay alert and be cautious to help avoid potentially fatal accidents. 

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At SA-SO Signs & Safety, safety is our business, and we want to help make our communities safer. Please stay alert and pay careful attention when traveling in and around work sites.