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Time's Up! 

Update your signs with SEG Sheeting

In 2009, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) enacted a transitional period for compliance in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

In short this guideline stated that cities, towns, states, and other related organizations using signs on public roads comprised of Type I/Engineer Grade (EG) sheeting would have to phase out the sheeting within 10 years.

Now that the clock has turned from 2018 to 2019, the time is up for this transition period. To stay in compliance, make sure all of your signs have Type II/Superior Engineer Grade (SEG) sheeting or higher. It is easy to keep track of sign fabrication and installation dates with sign maintenance decals (PN: SA-SO-SMD).

EG sheeting is a basic reflective sheeting that includes glass beads or a dual-layer prismatic sheeting that offers moderate retro-reflectivity. EG sheeting has a 7-year life span. SEG sheeting is different from EG sheeting in that it is more reflective, providing twice the level of reflectivity than EG. This allows for better visibility when light is reflected on it, and better visibility aids in the reduction of accidents. SEG has a 10-year life span.

 Sheeting  Engineer Grade  Superior Engineer Grade High Intensity 
 Type  I II   III
 Designation  EG  SEG  HI
 Reflectivity  Moderate  High  Higher
 Life Span  7 years  10 years  10 years
Since 2009 SA-SO Sign & Safety’s standard, default sheeting for signs we manufacture, is SEG – making our signs meet and beat the standards the FHWA set many years ago. We also provide higher grades of sheeting, including Type III/High Intensity, upon customer request.
SA-SO’s products are manufactured and distributed from north Texas in the United States. We are proud to have provided quality, compliant products that help make your communities safer for more than 70 years.
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