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Making Sign Inventory Management Easier and your Community Safer

Making Sign Inventory Management Easier with Sign Maintenance Decals

The Sign Maintenance Decal (SMD) is a simple way to meet MUTCD maintenance requirements and stay in compliance under the Reporting and Recording Keeping section of the manual. Like a battery decal that signifies when a battery may stop working, the SMD denotes when the color and reflective sheeting may no longer be visibly effective. When installing a sign, the installer should punch the month and year combination on the SMD that identifies when the sign is going into service. This quickly labels the sign age, and as a result, the life of the sign.

If any of your signs have EG sheeting, you are required to replace them this year. If you have signs that are less than 10 years old, regardless of the sheeting, it may be time to update and replace the sign. Signs that have vibrant color and current reflective sheeting aid in increasing traffic safety. Use a sign maintenance decal to facilitate easier management of your sign inventory.

SA-SO Sign & Safety manufactures sign maintenance decals from our plant in north Texas. The decals come in a standard, stock option and custom options that can include your logo or city name. We are proud to have provided quality, compliant products that help make your communities safer for more than 70 years.

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