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Sunny Side of the Street

solar pedestrian crossing sign

When we think about "green energy," we usually think of the energy that powers homes, office buildings, and cars. But have you ever thought about how green energy — solar energy in particular — can power products like traffic beacons, security lighting, and flashing signs? For many of us, the word "solar" conjures up visions of big, clumsy panels and questionable dependability.

But new technology has made solar panels more compact, reliable, and affordable than ever before — a natural choice for powering outdoor signs, lights, and signals.

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The Impact of Solar Powered Flashing Beacons

solar stop sign

by Melyssa Prince, ABC, Marketing Director for SA-SO Signs & Safety

Even though many cities have enacted laws that forbid using mobile devices while driving, many drivers continue to do so. Coupled with traditional driving distractions such as eating, changing the radio station, and applying make-up; drivers are more distracted today than ever before. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, at any given time, 11 percent of drivers are talking on a cell phone. These factors make public road travel dangerous for drivers as well as pedestrians. The United States Department of Transportation reports that cell phones are involved in 1.6 million automobile accidents each year that result in the deaths of thousands of people (Source:

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Increasing Safety at Pedestrian Crossings


By Melyssa Prince, ABC, Marketing Director for SA-SO Signs & Safety

Every fall as students return to school, so do crossing guards who help them get there safely. The crossing guard is an important part of the education system helping young children, teenagers, and even college students cross public roadways. 

The standard stop/slow or stop/stop paddle is made of .080” aluminum and weighs between three and five pounds, depending on the size (18” or 24”). And after several hours of managing pedestrians in all types of weather conditions and climates, the paddle can feel much heavier than 10 pounds. 

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