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Crosswalk Signs

SA-SO crosswalk safety signs and school-crossing minicade signs are perfect for letting drivers know they need to be extra cautious. SA-SO suggests you place these portable crosswalk signs directly in the road or crossing area to compel drivers to stop or yield. Alert motorists approaching school zones that children may be playing nearby, and that students and pedestrians may cross the street in these areas. Keep the community safe with SA-SO products.

Crosswalk Safety Signs
- Protect pedestrians with double-sided crosswalk safety signs
- Made out of .050 aluminum with high intensity reflective sheeting
- Narrow enough to place in the road and very noticeable
- Size: 11” wide x 52” high and identical wording on both sides


Description Part No.
STATE LAW - STOP for Pedestrians 36415S
STATE LAW - YIELD for Pedestrians  36415Y

36415S StateLawStop36415Y StateLawYield

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