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SolarSync System & Applications

SA-SO's SolarSync System (PN: AS115) is a cellular-based data management systems for connecting multiple traffic control devices. SolarSync allows the user to log-in to a web-based app and schedule flashing lights on various signs and traffic control devices. The system works best with SA-SO's Solar Powered product line but can also be retro-fitted to existing traffic control devices. 

Use this quick link to learn more about our TimeClock SolarSync application:
- Low-power consumption for off-grid use
- Sensor input for monitoring road conditions
- Two 10 amp relays for controlling your devices
- Low annual fee for cellular-data and web access
- Best-in-class Pentaband 3G antenna
- Assembled in the U.S.A.

The SolarSync (AS115) is compatible with SA-SO's Solar Powered Beacon (HD302) and the Retrofit Kit (SPSK) product lines. The RP101 is the same as the AS115 but is designed to be compatible with most existing solar traffic devices from other manufacturers. 

SolarSync System


Description Part No.
SolarSync AS115
SolarSync for Existing Devices RP101

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TimeClock with SolarSync

SA-SO's TimeClock (PN: AS103) with SolarSync is a cellular-based data management system for remotely scheduling traffic device power switching. 

FeaturesTimeClock with SolarSync
- Schedules can be created and pushed to all devices
- Realtime clock allows devices to execute schedules to the second
- Devices can be grouped by geography, school type, or any criteria specified
- Instantly turn devices on and off when an override is required
- Assembled in the U.S.A.

Optional Features
- Push calendars to Google Calendars or Apple Calendars
- View a map of all devices
- Additional sensor for adding motion control to your TimeClock devices

The TimeClock (AS103) is compatible with SA-SO's Solar Powered Beacon (HD302) and the Retrofit Kit (SPSK) product lines. 


Description Part No.
TimeClock with SolarSync AS103