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Reflectors & Delineators

SA-SO reflectors and delineators alert drivers to obstacles and changes in the roadway to make our roads safer. Highly reflective and dirt-resistant, SA-SO reflectors and delineators increase visibility at night by reflecting light back towards the vehicle. We also offer delineator posts, reflectors, delineators, hazard markers and object markers. 

Delineator Posts
delineator posts- Cost less than sign posts
- Lightweight
- Easy to install
- 3" Center-Mount Reflectors
- Exceed photometric standards
- Resist dirt and mud
- Install with one bolt

*Specify color by adding letter suffix to item number Amber (A), Clear (C), or Red (R)

Description Part No.
6" Green Post 03107
6" Galvanized Post 03109
Center-Mount Reflectors 47359
1 1/2" x 5/16" Bolt and Nut for Installing Reflectors 03132
Washer 03133

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Reflectors / Delineators
reflectors delineators- Increase visibility
- Each has three 3" diameter reflectors
- Durable, .064 aluminum housing

Please specify Red, Clear or Amber when ordering

Description Part No.
Reflectors / Delineators 47383T

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Hazard Markers
- Mark caution or danger aheadhazard markers
- 18" x 18" reflective aluminum sheeting with nine brightly colored reflectors
- Mark roadway obstructions with Yellow Type I markers and end of roadway hazards with Red Type IV markers

Color Type Part No.
Yellow I 47070AT
Red IV 47070RT

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Object Markers
- Alert drivers to obstaclesobject markers
- 12" x 36" black and yellow marker is MUTCD compliant for Type 3 use
- Reflective .040 aluminum for long-lasting visibility
- ⅜" diameter holes are placed 1" from top and bottom for center post mounting


Color Size Part No.
Black and Silver 4" x 24" Right 47350R
Black and Silver 4" x 24" Left 47350L
Black and Silver 7" x 24" Right 47352R
Black and Silver 7" x 24" Left 47352L
Black and Yellow 12" x 36" Right 47476
Black and Yellow 12" x 36" Left 47477